Real-time API

Point your client to the Websocket of the server you want to connect to:


The real-time API has two main categories: Method Calls and Subscriptions. Both are supported over the web socket connection using the Phoenix Channel protocol.

You will need a client that supports the Phoenix Channel protocol. Here are some (unverified) options for different programming languages:

Requests from the client to the server use an asynchronous RPC approach in the following format:

  "msg": "category-type",
  "id": "some-unique-id",
  ... // data defined by the call type

The two supported categories are:

Note: The client must support the "ping" request from the server and respond with a "pong". The server will close the connection if it does not receive a "pong" response for 3 consecutive "ping" requests.

Before requesting any method or subscription you must send a "connect" message:

  "msg": "connect",
  "version": "1",
  "support": ["1"]